The neocon-infested US establishment may think war with China the least bad choice, and the wholly corrupt miltary-industrial complex may be licking their chops, but I daresay the professional military will know such a war would be a doomed proposition. Also, while it may not manifest itself in current policy, anti-interventionism runs deep the American psyche. Given so many other mounting problems, I for one cannot see vast swathes of the populace being goaded into embracing such a disastrous pursuit. Maybe some well orchestrated demonstrations of the range and power of China's unstoppable hypersonic missiles may sharpen peoples' minds in the US. No aircraft carriers, no war against China, I would have thought. Really hope I'm not being too optimistic or too rational here.

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It isn't only US hegemony, but the imperialist historical era that is ending. Counting on the capacity for rational decision making in the control towers of the imperial core would probably be a mistake... Only the real time progress of various trajectories as listed in this post will determine the limits of imperialist irrationality - if there are any.

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Mar 21, 2023Liked by Godfree Roberts

Still catching up on your posts.

It seems to me we no longer have to talk about "when" China becomes the new World leader, and certainly not "if".

It already "is".

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